THE MAXMOBILE, a documentary about the life and inventions of David A. Maxwell, is available on DVD. David Maxwell invented one of the first cars in Canada in 1900. He was my great uncle. He never made it big like Ford but he could have. Only one of his cars remains in a museum in Watford, Ontario, Canada, where he lived, married and worked. He died in 1930. Click To Buy DVDs
WE WON at Pahfest film festival for our short documentary "The Spirit & The Earth" about San Jose Mission at Laguna Pueblo. Thanks to the great crew, Molly Kellar, John Graham, William Dixon, Charlie O'Dowd, Alfred Pino and Father Larry Bernard from the mission, Danny Wayne and Donald Spencer. Also thanks to the people at Pahfest, the Cibola Arts Council, Christopher Coppola, Damian Montoya and Doug Bocaz-Larson. Click to watch. Check out pictures from the Mission at Laguna Pueblo and the gala Pahfest Awards Ceremony.
GRASS ROOTS MEDICINE is a documentary about Adrianne Bell and her journey around the planet talking to people about being the change. Adrianne Bell may cross your path. If she does, be sure to let her interview you for her documentary. Adrianne is a magical human being whose courage is astounding.